Online Coaching for Ambitious Hockey Players
We help hockey players overcome injury and outrun the opposition... without generic programmes or running 5ks
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Common Problems
Let’s start with common problems hockey players like yourself have probably faced…

❌ Generic training plans aren’t helping you to achieve your goals

❌ Putting together a plan yourself is confusing, time consuming and ineffective

❌ You don’t have any accountability for getting results

❌ You lack day to day support from a coach with a proven track record

Due to these problems, you’re not making progress and aren’t where you want to be with your Hockey.
Our Solution
Luckily, we've built a programme that solves these problems in the following ways:

Hockey Athlete Blueprint: We will provide you with a world class, individualised training plan designed to get you back to sport, faster. You’ll be given absolute clarity on your goals every step of the way. This removes all uncertainty and gets you closer to your goals, faster.

Three Tier Support: We will support you through excellent coaching. We will provide on demand daily chat support, weekly support calls, monthly educational workshops and in depth video feedback on your sessions. This ensure you’re progressing 10x faster than you ever could be yourself.

Education: We will give you access to our online community hub, where our team of experts provide ongoing education around mindset, nutrition, and injury management to support your understanding and to help you become self-sufficient. Ultimately this means you’ll have lifelong skills to never get injured again.

Back on Track Accountability: We will hold you accountable for completing your training programme and check ins. This will stop you falling off so you’ll never stop progressing towards your goals.

Integrate Sports Community: Access a community of like-minded individuals, all working towards their ambitious goals. Get peer support and access our ‘buddy’ system for an even better support network.

How It Works
1. Book your consultation
On your free consultation call, we'll discuss your goals, and what's been holding you back. Then, we'll make an action plan together to help you achieve your goals.
2. Get onboarded
Getting started is super simple! We'll give you access to our app, get your assessments completed, and hand craft your bespoke training programme.
3. Work towards your goal
All you have to do is open your app, do your sessions, and send us feedback. Success is inevitable when the process is this simple.
 Hear from some our client success stories... 
Free Consultation
If this sounds like it's made for you, then book your free consultation below. On this call, we'll discuss your goals, and what's holding you back. Then, we'll make an action plan to achieve your goals together.
Who is this programme for?
This is for ambitious hockey players who want to overcome injury, or take their performance to the next level. Our best clients are coachable, and fully committed to their goal. 
How is the programme delivered?
We deliver your training programme through Train Heroic, the world's best training app. We also provide a private clients app for all of our proprietary trainings, community and resources. 
How long is this programme?
We operate a minimum period of 3 months on our coaching programme. However, clients typically remain on the programme for 6-9 months.
Do I need any specialist equipment?
No, we will build a programme that meets your needs. We've worked with clients accessing fully equipped gyms, and those training from home.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, in line with consumer contract law we operate a 14 day cancellation policy should you change your mind.
How much does your coaching cost?
Due to the custom nature of each programme, we don't have a set price. In our consultation call we will be able to better understand your needs and level of support required. If we believe that you're a good fit for us, we'll make you an offer.